Ricky Ponting to lead The Mumbai Indians in IPL 6

Good news for the Mumbai Indians supporters! Former Australian Cricket Great also skipper Ricky Ponting will lead the IPL team Mumbai Indians. A source confirmed that, in IPL sixth edition Ponting will lead the Mumbai Indians, and the owner of Mumbai Indians bought the former Australian Skipper for four lacks USD. From the auction in Chennai Mukesh Ambani has bought the Australian Great, he will lead the Mumbai Indian team now which has some glowing starts like Sachin Tendulkar, Harbhajan Singh.

However, Tendulkar said that, he is happy with this decision, The chief Mentor of this MI team Anil Kumble exposed the news in  a media discharge that, the decision was taken jointly by Sachin as well as kumble himself.
Kumble also added, Ponting is no doubt qualified and has huge experience to lead competitive and high profile side like Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League.

Ricky was also a successful skipper as well as led such a team which is full of talent and he has also lead a team which was consist of many high profile stars, so, Sachin and Kumble think that, Ricky has the ability to lead the MI team quite successfully.

The owner of the MI Mukesh Ambani added, Ricky Ponting will be a great addition of the Mumbai Indians, The first match of the MI will be against the RCB on April 4. So, Hope for the best for MI supporters!

Helping the innocent victims

Native Medicare Charitable Trust (NMCT), an NGO at Coimbatore launched a scheme six years ago to mobilize public support to collect funds to provide free quality education to those children who are victims of HIV/AIDS. This year 700 children affected by HIV/AIDS in Coimbatore and Tirupur will be provided educational assistance under the scheme ‘join hands’ launched by the organization.

“Rojakootam”  is a forum run by this organization and provides free quality education to the children affected by these diseases. Under this program the education expenses throughout the year of the children in the age group 5 – 18 will be covered by the organization. At a function to be held at Pollachi on May 13, 2012, free note books and school bags will be distributed to children from Coimbatore and Tirupur and the day is celebrated as “Rojakoottam Day”. During the last 6 years NMCT has provided educational support to around 2000 affected children under its various schemes.

The individual donors contribute Rs.50 every month towards the educational expenses of the children. The project entitles a person to adopt or sponsor a child for an year by way of contributing an amount in the range Rs.1000 – Rs.1500. NMCT can be contacted at 5/39, Kalappanaickenpalayam, Somayampalayam Post, Coimbatore – 108 or email to

The organization looks forwards to more and more sponsors for their programs so as to provide educational support to more number of children affected by HIV/ AIDS in the coming years and also provide more facilities for their education and job oriented training.

Ooty Travel Guide

Coimbatore is the nearest city from Ooty and it is connected by regular flights with Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Coimbatore is connected by rail to all major cities in India. From Coimbatore to Ooty is 96km away and from Coimbatore tourists can either hire a cab or travel by regular bus to Ooty. Mettupalayam is 51km away from Coimbatore on way to Ooty and tourists have also the option to travel from Mettupalayam to Ooty by the hill train that takes them through the enchanting Nilgiris hills.

The Tea and Tourism Festival in the month of January and the Summer Festival as well as Flower Show in the month of May are the most important celebrations of Ooty. During the Tea and Tourism Festival, the tourists can visit nearby tea plantations, attend classes for tea making and try the tastiest varieties of tea. Huge collections of rare flowers can be seen during the Flower Show.

Packaged tea and handmade chocolates are the popular items purchased by tourists at Ooty. Also tourists can buy spices like nutmeg, cardamom etc, aromatic oils, shawls, sweaters, linens and honey.

There are numerous restaurants and hotels at Ooty that serve a wide range of cuisines. Being a popular tourist spot of South India, there is no dearth of places to eat and stay at Ooty.

Tourists at Ooty can visit the various picnic spots like Botanical Garden, Ooty Lake, Rose Garden, Doddabetta, Pykara Falls, Fern Hill Palace, Ketty Valley View, Mukkurthi Peak and National Museum, Glenmorgan and Deer Park etc.

Local town buses, private cabs, taxis, autos and jeeps are available at Ooty to move around for sightseeing. Besides Tamil and English the other languages spoken here are Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi and Badaga. April – June is the most pleasant part of summer at Ooty and heavy rainfall occurs during July – August. November to February will be winter season and the weather will be cool and chilly.

Dresses made of light woolen is ideal for wearing during summer at Ooty and in winter the tourists must take heavy woolen dress in order to withstand the cool and chill weather at Ooty.


Valparai, the panoramic hill station with a wide stretch of tea plantations is now a prominent tourist spot of western Tamilnadu. The well built ghat road adorned by a beautiful stretch of Jacaranda trees bearing blue flowers leads the visitors to the hill station. The weather is quite pleasant in summer even during daytime and many people from Coimbatore and Pollachi spend a few days here to escape from the scorching heat. Nights are always cool and pleasant at Valparai. There are no restrictions for visitors at Valparai. They are free to visit Chinnakallar Waterfalls and Nallamudi Pooncholai both of which have proximity to Valparai. During summer visitors can enjoy the bathing at Chinnakallar.

Valparai which was a hunting location of the British in ancient times has a very pleasant climate throughout the year. This place is free from pollution. Besides tea plantations there are forests, dams, valleys, open fields, temples and churches at Valparai. The famous waterfall of Kerala, Athirappally is also nearby. Visitors to Valparai can also go to Sholayar and Aliyar dams. Unlike, Ooty and Kodaikanal, facilities for tourists are very limited at Valparai and consequently here is hardly any pollution. However, in and around Valparai town, there are many home stay providers.

During summer, the forest officials deny entry for tourists to Anamalai Tiger Reserve (ATR), Monkey Falls and Top Slip in anticipation of forest fires that occur till the end of summer. The facility for elephant safari is also suspended. This has indirectly helped to increase the number of tourists at Valparai during summer season. Those who crave for tranquility and also a break of the summer heat opt for Valparai as their holiday destination.

The Ghazal Concert that Rocked Coimbatore

Playback singer Srinivas startled Coimbatore city last Sunday with his grand music concert that won thunderous applause from the audience throughout. The concert was a fund raiser for ‘Hope after Fire’, a joint movement by Rotary Club of Coimbatore Metropolis and Ganga Hospital for the rehabilitation of burn victims.

This was the first time Coimbatore witnessed a Ghazal performance by Srinivas. He sang various songs of P B Srinivas, Kishore Kumar and Mehdi Hasan. He succeeded in enthuzing the audience further by performing his own numbers which he has performed for A R Rahman. The singer conducted the program in a truly informal atmosphere by sharing with the audience the story behind each song.

Srinivas ensured the audience to entertain them and found out from them what they wanted. But he didn’t fail to follow the program list for which he used his iPad. The singer told the audience that he loved Coimbatore and it is a great pleasure for him to perform concerts at Coimbatore. After singing each Ghazal he performed a Tamil song in the same or a similar raga which revealed his unassailable knowledge of the music. Srinivas adapted his songs for the modern audience and his interpretations of Mehdi Hasan were really amazing. In the orchestra Srinivas was ably accompanied by other members of the troupe with keyboard, guitar, table, harmonium and synthesizer. The singer generously allowed the accompanying artists to perform their own and the audience was excited with the theme song recreated from the movie “Bombay.” The excitement of the audience was at its peak when the singer recreated the magic of AR Rahman and his electrifying numbers.

Industries and Farming Community Welcome Vision 2023

The industrialists and farmers of Coimbatore welcome ‘Vision 2023’, the futuristic development plans for Tamilnadu unveiled by the state government that envisages the state as power surplus with capacity addition to the tune of 20,000 MW. According to the president of Coimbatore District Small Industries Association (CODISIA), it is a great initiative by the chief minister of Tamilnadu to announce plans for development of various sectors including infrastructure, power, agriculture and health. However industries in Coimbatore are anxious to know about the government’s plans for the immediate future to resolve the severe power shortage. They also welcomed the plans to invest in infrastructure and power projects under public-private partnership. According to him the industries in Coimbatore are suffering heavily due to the power shortage in the state to the level of 4000 MW.

Due to continuous production losses, the industries here are losing their markets to competitors from other states that have better infrastructure as well as power supply. The president of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore, also wanted priority to be given to the needs of Coimbatore while appreciating the initiatives by the government. He said that investment is all the more important for growth and the vision can be fulfilled only if investments come up in Coimbatore. He also mentioned that in addition to investments in infrastructure projects like ports and highways, government should also take initiative to develop Coimbatore airport as an international airport. This will lead to fast development of trade and industry. ICCI also appealed to the chief minister of Tamilnadu to establish a health care city in Coimbatore.

The state government’s plan to invest Rs.40000 crores in agriculture sector is welcomed by the farming community of Coimbatore district. Also, they demanded the government to have total control over the prices of agriculture products. When the government takes the whole control of price fixing for agriculture products, the interests of the farmers can be protected.

Companies from US Turning towards Coimbatore

Coimbatore has already acquired a position in the world map as a destination for purchasers of numerous overseas firms for their manufacturing and supply requirements. In addition to Germany, buyers from the US have identified Coimbatore as an ideal source for their requirements in various sectors like information technology, manufacturing and hospitality. Many American companies in the manufacturing as well as service sectors have their base in Coimbatore now. In the IT and BPO sectors, the American firms such as Cognizant, Dell, Merill and Ford Business Services have already established in Coimbatore. Cognizant have already 7000 professionals in their Coimbatore unit.

There are various reasons for American corporations to prefer Coimbatore. They include the best quality educational facility available here, high professional work ethics, easy accessibility by air, rail and road and proximity to the state of Kerala from where also many professionals can be attracted. A lot of small and medium scale industries in Coimbatore have trade links with US companies and recently an American Business Corner was set up at the Coimbatore District Small Industries Association. Its purpose is to provide the inputs to industries that are desirous of establishing business co-operation with US companies.

Another reason for identifying Coimbatore as a new source for US companies is that cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Pune are already saturated and at Coimbatore now infrastructure and manpower are easily available for overseas business firms. Also, Coimbatore is known for its talent resources, engineering infrastructure and commitment of the employees that attract many big companies to start their manufacturing activities at Coimbatore.

Coimbatore produces 20000 graduates every year in various disciplines like engineering, information technology, humanities, science and commerce in addition to thousands of diploma holders from various Polytechnics. This will also attract manufacturing as well as service companies to start operations in this city.

The Movie based on IPL

Oglivy India, a professional advertising company will be making a feature film in order to promote the IPL through a carnival theme during the IPL season V which is about to start on April 4, 2012. Makrand Deshpande will be acting in that film in the role of “Master of Ceremonies”. The film is about two school boys who are anxious to know about a sound heard from the other side of the wall. One of the boys who peeped through a hole on the wall could see a carnival. The host of the event blows a whistle and guides the others. When the boys also went inside, it was all fun and enjoyment for them with different types of games and rides named after the cricketers who are participating in the IPL tournament. At the end, when one of the boys asks the host as to what it is, he replies that it is IPL Live.

The film conveys to its audience that the time spent in IPL is well comparable to a day spent inside an amusement park since each match of the tournament will have a few anxious moments and there will be ups and downs throughout the season. The producers of the film had put maximum efforts to make the film as exciting and thrilling as the IPL matches. The script of the film was prepared by the Director of Oglivy India Abhijith Avasthi in association with the creative team of Oglivy Mumbai and the production team of “Bang Bang”. The school boys trying to enter into the carnival symbolize a typical IPL night, where one goes on a roller-coaster filled with suspense, excitement and thrill every night.

By way of depicting the anxiety and feelings of a child standing in a carnival, this colourful and exciting movie shows to the entire world what IPL gives to the entire nation throughout the season.

Vast Export Potential to Australia

The Indo Australian Chamber of Commerce, G K Management Services India and Rotary Club of Coimbatore recently conducted a seminar on “Doing Business with Australia” at Coimbatore. The Director of Indo Australian Chamber of Commerce, Mr. C. Sarat Chandran said that exporters who want to tap the Australian market should concentrate upon improved marketing strategies, innovation and merchandise. He called upon the exporters to access the Australian market in a better way through direct visits to the Australian market, active participation in buyer-seller meets and business delegations, customizing their products for the Australian buyers and encouraging Australian buyers to visit the various facilities in our country.

Indian exporters are assured of vast business potential in Australia. When the total imports of Australia in 2010-11 were of about 271 billion Australian dollars, imports from India were for a meager 2.8 billion Australian dollars.  The country is importing a wide range of products from computers to textile goods. About 80% of the business in Australia is concentrated in five Australian cities. A great plus point for Indian exporters is that through imports from India, Australia can save not less than 35% in freight. The rising value of Australian dollar and presence of Indian population in Australia can help to augment our exports to Australia.

The online market in Australia was booming and the country’s economy was becoming stronger. Also, there has been a phenomenal growth in franchising. Manufacture of apparels and leather goods in India on Australian labels, spurt in services like IT, BPO and education etc, shift from commodities to value added manufacturing etc are some of the emerging trends in Indo-Australian trade. Indian exporters must explore the markets in Australia for travel goods, motor vehicle spare parts, sports goods, textiles, fabrics, footwear, plastic plates, paper boards and paper, tyres, tubes and jewellery etc. Wine, oats, fruits, olive oil and fruit juices are ideal items for imports from Australia.

The turnover of the IT sector in Australia was more than 100 billion dollars and half a million people are employed in that industry. The government of Australia is the major buyer of IT products and the value was about 5 billion dollars. About 25 Indian IT companies are having operations in Australia.