Coimbatore Airport – rising to international standards

Coimbatore Airport – rising to international standards

The departure terminal at Coimbatore Air Port is under massive expansion and modernization and the works will be completed by December 2011. The ongoing project to upgrade the air port to international level has an estimated cost of Rs.80 crore. On completion, the new departure terminal will have a total area of 1.2 lac sq.ft.

The departure terminal will be having 24 counters for passengers to check in under the CUTE (Common User Terminal Equipment). The different airlines that are operating here can use as many number of counters as they require depending on the number of passengers waiting for check in. This facility will be available right from the month of September 2011.

The passenger traffic at Coimbatore air port has been increased by about 12% during the last couple of years and as a result the revenue to the air port has gone up by 10%. Currently, more than 40 landings and take-offs are being made at this air port.

Various international airlines are keen of starting operations at Coimbatore. Moreover, the domestic airlines that are already operating at Coimbatore have come up with plans for increasing their number of flights to Coimbatore. The air conditioning work of the entire air port building is expected to be completed by October 2011. Separate areas in the departure terminal will be provided for international departures.

In order to enable the passengers to reach the aircraft from the terminal block and back easily and comfortably, two aero bridges will be installed soon. It has been decided to install the two aero bridges that were dismantled from the Hyderabad air port. Vehicular traffic in the tarmac area and apron will be considerably reduced thanks to the aero bridge facility.

The new terminal building will have the provision for eight shops for baggage store, electronic items, toys, snacks stall, and food outlets. The illuminated canopies that are installed at a cost of Rs.1.25 crore impart a majestic look to the air port.

Once the land acquisition is completed, the length of runway at the air port will be increased to 12,500 ft.

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