Coimbatore Vegetable Market: prices take a nosedive

Coimbatore Vegetable Market: prices take a nosedive

The prices of tomato and other vegetables like bitter gourd, drum sticks, potato, elephant yam, beans etc in the Coimbatore marker have crashed to an all-time low level making the farmers unhappy though it brought cheers for the consumers.

Tomato, the cheapest

In the aftermath of a bumper harvest and good southwest monsoon, tomato has become the cheapest commodity in the vegetable market. Tomato which was sold for Rs.17 per kg a week before is now available for Rs.4 per kg. The top varieties are sold in the range Rs.5 Rs.7. Reduced off-take by merchants from Kerala and arrival of high breed varieties from Mysore compelled the local farmers to sell major portion of their produces in the local markets which has been attributed as the reason for the steep fall in the prices. This situation is likely to continue till the festival season commences in Kerala in the month of September.

Continued rain affects business

Due to the torrential rains of south west monsoon, traders from Kerala buy very little quantity. Moreover, during the current Tamil month of Aadi, there will be no celebrations like marriages in Tamil Nadu. All these factors have contributed for the fall in prices of vegetables. About 100 to 150 tons of vegetables used to be sent to Kerala normally which has now come down to hardly 50 tons. This has led to the severe price crash.

Beans, which was sold for Rs.40 a kg, is now available for Rs.10. Price of elephant yam has plunged from Rs.24 to Rs.10. Drum stick price has crashed from Rs.30 to Rs.20 whereas potato price went down to Rs.11 from Rs.14. Bitter gourd which was priced at Rs.20 a week before, is now available for Rs.10. Similarly, Ladies Finger is now priced at Rs.8 which was costing Rs.20 till last week.

As an exception, price of onion has been increased from Rs.10 to Rs.13 per kg.

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